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Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad


Helping Gen Z and Millennials build personal brands and profitable businesses in real-time.

4-year universities are no longer the only option for the next generation looking to explore entrepreneurship, personal branding, and social media marketing. 


What if instead of going hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt, you could spend a fraction of that building a profitable business you love… in real-time?


You can. That’s what the Entrepreneurial Start Up Launchpad is all about.

Inside our 6-month program, we’ll teach you how to build and scale your own business, create a personal brand and gain social media exposure across platforms responsibly, and develop the skills required to stay profitable.


 By the end, you’ll have dialed in your product or offer, go-to-market strategy, and the ins and outs of what it takes to run a business in today’s online world.

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What does it mean to take the Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad with us?

Our program teaches you the business fundamentals you need (while skipping the fluff and the massive debt) to start and scale a marketing business or leverage your personal brand. 

If you’ve ever felt unsure about the next step in your career (or wanted to explore your own entrepreneurial venture) if…

You want to put your creativity and innovative ideas into ACTION... 


You prefer hands-on learning versus learning in the classroom…


You want to take a break from the classroom to develop hands-on entrepreneurial skills (and maybe consider college down the road)...

You want to build a business in real time while you learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

This might be for you.

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After building successful corporate careers and 8-figure businesses, we realized something…

College didn’t totally prepare us for working in real-world business. Sure, we made friends and had some great experiences. And yes, we learned lots of important things that helped us grow professionally…

But EVERYTHING we needed to know about success

in the business world, we learned in the real world.

So we decided to shake things up. 


The Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad is a revolutionary business incubator for 16-30 year-olds who are ready to build legitimate businesses and learn what it takes to get them profitable (and maintain profitability in a constantly-changing digital landscape).

Meet the Founder:

Parent, Professional, and Founder of the
Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad program.

Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach is a business growth strategist,  CEO and Founder of Kelly Roach Coaching, Top 10 Marketing podcast host and bestselling author. She is also co-founder of 3 additional companies and a charitable foundation (The Human Family Foundation).

She rose through the ranks in her corporate career becoming the youngest SVP of her Fortune 500 before the age of 30, breaking records, leading a team of 100+ and overseeing 17 branches. She built her business to the $1 million dollar mark as a side hustle before becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Now, Kelly and her team help 6, 7 and 8-figure business owners combine the timeless business principles every major corporation has leveraged for years with the cutting edge online marketing strategies of today.


The result? Wildly successful businesses thriving in today’s world, across countless industries around the globe.


graduates will learn...

During our 6 month incubator, recent


Real world marketing principles


Business finance, profit projections, and investment strategies


Effective communication skills


The psychology of sales


Business leadership in a digital world 


Content marketing

Brand Building

Brand building in a digital world


Product and offer development



Social Media

Social media marketing


market research strategies

All in real business

with real mentorship WHILE you build. 


Weekly Training

Learning AND Doing. 

You aren't going to just sit in a bunch of boring classes, then months later get to work. You will have 2 classes, one

co-working session, and a real world assignment each week. You will literally be building your business AS you learn. 

One Real World Assignment Per Month

2-Day Intensive

In month 3 we will meet

in-person for two days for a business building intensive where you will get high level mentorship and real coaching from our team of leaders, while connecting with other students in the program. 


Co-Working Session

Real World Practicum

Full-time business building with weekly mentorship meetings to help you navigate questions and turn your business into a profit producing machine. 


Real world practicum:

Dream into reality

Turning your dream into a real, profitable business, with mentorship and accountability to make things happen day to day.

Plan of action

You will meet weekl;y with our advisor to strategize and build a plan of action, then get to work on your business, with daily check-ins to see what you were able to accomplish. 

EntreYear goals

The goal of this part of the Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad is to get your business up, running, and profitable, so you can continue to scale and grow from there!

What types of businesses can we help you start?


Whether you want to dive into social media management, digital advertising, or content creation, we can help you bring your dream to life. 

Done For You Services

If you want to be a graphic designer, copywriter, photographer or videographer, we will help you find your dream clients!

Content Creator

Want to start a YouTube channel, land brand partnerships, and become a full-time content creator? We've got you covered!

Who is the

Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad for?

16-30 year olds who:

Have graduated high school but don’t want to go into debt for a 4 year degree they won’t use.

Think outside the box and want to work for themselves OR an innovative company that is both challenging and exciting.

Have gone to a 2-year college, or started college, but want to start building their business ASAP vs. waiting to graduate. 

Recent college grads who want to start a business or brand and turn it into a profitable business instead of sitting in two more years of theoretical grad school. 

Don’t want to wait 4 years to start building their dreams. They want everything they do from today forward to make an impact.

Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad not for?

Who is the

Students who want to get rich quick without putting in the time and effort to make their dreams a reality.

16-30 year olds who aren’t self-motivated and have no real goals or vision. This is a competitve program and only the grittiest most motivated students will be accepted. 

People interested in traditional professional fields that require a 4-year (or more) degree. This is a program focused on business skills and real world entrepreneurship.

Someone in full-time school or full-time work. This program will require 15-20 hours a week minimum but you will start selling after the first three months! 

Computer Keyboard


Fill out the application below


Submit a 3-5 minute video explaining why you want to be accepted into the EntreYear program. What business dreams do you have? How do you want to change the world? What kind of career do you want to build? Why do you think this is the best way to get prepared?


Get 2 letters of recommendation  (these don’t have to be from teachers) from people who know your work-ethic, creativity, and character well.


Complete an interview with a member of our team.

Girl students.png
Want more info about the

Entrepreneurial Start-up Launchpad 

Applications & Acceptance

Reviewal of Applications

We review applications weekly and typically provide an acceptance response within 2 weeks of all pieces of the application being submitted.

When accepted...

Once accepted, you will schedule an onboarding interview with our director and pay your first tuition payment to hold your spot.

Limited Spots Available

We are only accepting 15 students for this round. Once spots are filled, we will put you on a waitlist for next year’s cohort and let you know if a space opens up prior.

Portrait of Young Businesswoman


spending the next 6 months...

of your life building a REAL business or REAL career that made you money instead of sent you into debt. 


Imagine LOVING what you are learning instead of trudging through just to get a grade,. 


Imagine REAL world assignments and REAL world tests that bring you closer to your actual goals, not just a piece of paper.


turning what you love...

into what makes you money, and learning skills you can use ANYWHERE to start something new, or bring massive ROI to any company that hires you.


Sound like something you’re down for?

Business Owner

Real world success

We are in the business of changing education, so we have done our best to keep this program accessible to those who belong!


For less than the cost of most state schools, you can build your business or land your dream career instead of going hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, hoping to find a job, and THEN learn everything you need to know for real world success.


Tuition & Payments

The investment for the Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad Summer program is $997.

You will make your first tuition payment of $333 to hold your spot, upon acceptance. We will then set up a payment plan based on your needs

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