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Instilling Courage and Confidence in our future women So they can break through Glass Ceilings and Change the world 

The ENTREGIRLS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY is a 9-week summer program where your daughter will learn to...

Master the art of entrepreneurial thinking, dream big, lead with confidence, develop and build a business plan, and learn to make the impossible possible.

Smiling Young Woman

Inside the EntreGirls Leadership Academy, your daughter will be surrounded by POWERFUL, POSITIVE influences who will help her discover her inner strength, stretch her imagination, and develop a strong sense of self worth, individuality and independence.


Our academy is designed to fill the gaps of traditional education so your daughter can become completely UNSTOPPABLE, no matter what she chooses to do in life! 

 When you invest in the Entregirls Leadership Academy, YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER WILL GET ACCESS TO

Weekly LIVE guest speaker and interviews to help her develop the mindset required to become a successful entrepreneur. 

Weekly advisory / coworking session with open Q&A to discuss the module and project.

Bi-weekly small accountability group check in. 

Monthly virtual meetups to help your daughter develop a strategic network of trailblazing girls and build real relationships that will elevate her for life.

Step-by-step, power-packed modules leading your daughter through the EXACT steps required to build her own empire from scratch. Whether your daughter decides to build her own company or lead in someone else’s, our founders Kelly and Amy will give her the training she needs for ultimate success.

Access to 20+ modules and celebrity interviews covering topics:

  • Finding your unique gifts and unlocking the power of being YOU

  • Understanding the basics of how a business works

  • Making the problem-solution connection to find your big idea

  • Exploring business models and studying businesses that are pioneering, succeeding, and standing the test of time

  • Understanding why success requires exceptional leaders, and learning how to become one

  • Discovering the fundamentals what it means to be a success-driven women

  • Finding your passion and understanding the mission and purpose of your future company

The girl you love will receive life changing lessons taught by,

Our featured mentors:


Forever an optimist and ultimate chaos-coordinator, Kelly has mastered the art of building a successful online empire with a toddler in tow. Kelly's experience as an NFL Cheerleader, Fortune 500 executive, and now an 8-figure entrepreneur has helped her hone the ability to bring out the brilliance in women of all walks of life and give them the strategy and support to achieve freedom and fulfillment by building their own online business.


scarlett estevez.jpg

Scarlett Estevez

Actress in the hit TV Show "Lucifer"

lesson on how to have the confidence to be unique and be yourself amongst peer pressure


Jillian Spaeder

Actress in the hit TV Show "Walk the Plank"


Gabby goodwin.jpg

Gabby Goodwin

Entrepreneur & Founder of Confidence by gabby goodwin

lesson on how to develop the confidence to try new things


Karen Chen

2017 Worlds 4th place finish 
2015 & 2018 US Bronze Medalist
2018 US Olympic Team MembER
2017 US National Champion
2020 US Pewter Medalist
scarlet spencer.jpg

Scarlet Spencer

Actress in the hit movie "Bright"

lesson on healthy, positive body image

LEXI P_edited.jpg

Lexi P

Author and Founder of Curlanistas



  • The WHY 

    • How entrepreneurship is different from some other traditional paths.

    • What entrepreneurship takes and the rewards of entrepreneurship.

    • What are your ideas?

  • Understand your Market

    • Who are your customers?

    • What are their problems/pain points?

  • Determine Your Competition 

    • Who else out there is doing what you are doing? 

    • ​What sets you apart in your delivery?

    • What problem does your offer solve?

  • Develop Your Business Plan 

    • Put your business plan down on paper, 

  • Consider Your Funding

    • What are your start-up costs?​

    • What type of team will you need?​

    • Advertising costs.

  • Build your Brand

    • What is a brand?

    • What do you want your company to represent in the market?​

    • Content marketing that works.

  • Check the Boxes 

    • Register your business 

    • Budget 

    • ​Insurance policy 

  • Build A Team 

    • Finding the right people.

    • Training the right people.

    • Motivating the right people.

  • Share Your Brand with the World!​

    • Metrics

    • Sales basics

    • Sales goals

    • Implementation

The EntreGirls Leadership Academy is our way of training girls around the globe to think differently.

and develop skills that empower her to create her own success.


We want to create a healthy mindset, positive outlook, and strong entrepreneurial future


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