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L.E.A.P Middle School

Curriculum for Homeschool

Teaching young minds to think critically, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and build a sustainable business plan with our 9-week Social Emotional Learning Entrepreneurship curriculum.

15 years from now, your middle school student will likely be working in a job or running a business that doesn’t even exist right now.

The world is changing minute by minute and in order for students to be fully prepared to think critically and operate with the agility required for maximum success, they will need to master the art of entrepreneurial thinking (even if they work for someone else their entire life).


requires students to:

Fully understand themselves and their strengths

Learn effective communication skills and develop a high emotional intelligence

Look at solutions vs. problems

Use innovative thinking to arrive at a goal

That’s what this 9-week homeschool curriculum is designed to do.

In this fully developed curriculum, we'll walk your student through every step of the business planning process, helping them to better understand themselves, the numbers required for profitability, and how to effectively market and sell based on understanding human behavior.

With engaging activities that will require little to no prep from you, your student will develop a winning business plan and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Inside the L.E.AP.

curriculum, students will:

Work through exercises that expand their critical thinking skills

Do significant self-exploration to determine their strengths and interests

Innovate and think creatively about how to solve real problems

Research viability of their business, and build out a clear business plan

Tap into the psychology of why people buy, and how to connect through marketing

Learn how to responsibly use social media to grow their brand online

This program

was developed by:

Kelly Roach

An 8-figure CEO, running multiple businesses that she started from scratch.


Tori Ruis

A middle school principal with a EDd, who understands the ins and outs of what goes on inside a middle school classroom and the importance of low maintenance, high impact SEL curricula.

What you get inside L.E.A.P Homeschool

A complete 9-week curriculum includes:

9 training videos to be viewed once per week

Teacher notes for each module

Discussion questions for each module

Learning activities for each module

Just $147.95

students cover:

Inside this 9-week curriculum,

your WHY

What’s the purpose, cause, or belief that drives your business?


What do your ideal customers want, avoid, like, dislike?


What are your competitors doing, and what are they NOT doing?

Writing a
Business Plan

How are you going to grow your business and make it profitable?

Your Business

How much money will you need and where will it come from?


How do you want people to feel when they see your logo or hear your name?

Legal &

How will you protect yourself and the money you make?

Your Business

How will you spread the word about your business?

The L.E.A.P curriculum

weaves critical thinking, reading, writing, research, math, and vocabulary skills into each lesson, hitting on a variety of grade level, cross-curricular standards.

Doing Homework

The investment

for a single family license that can be used across grade levels is $250.

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