Our Entrepreneurial Start-Up Launchpad Program is designed to help you build an online business in just 6-months. Whether you’re looking to explore social media marketing, digital advertising, blogging, and more, our 6-month curriculum is structured to set you up for success as an entrepreneur. 


Month 1

Creating Your Business and Marketing Plan

Dial in your offer, pricing and packaging as well as your business goals and ideal client. Who do you want to serve, and how do you want to change lives? In Month 1, we’re going to walk you through creating your business plan. 

  • What will you offer

  • What will your offers be (pricing/packaging)

  • What are your business goals and values

  • Who is your ideal client

  • Business and success mindset

  • Business concept and model

  • Financial planning for business expenses

ACTION ITEM: Create your business plan

Month 2

The Foundations 

Together, we’ll lay the groundwork for a profitable, sustainable business by making things official; from your business name, to website and social media set-up, to bank accounts and legal paperwork. 

  • Business set up (domain/insurance/bank accounts/legal oversight/bookkeeping)

  • Social media set up (brand building graphics/aesthetics)

  • Understanding the flow of social media business (advertising/social selling/online ecosystem)

  • Designing your programming (scheduling ads/designing business solutions online)

ACTION ITEM: Social media set-up, Website set up, Make your business official.


Month 3

Sales + Marketing Bootcamp (Level 1)

In Month 3, we will focus on social media platform growth. You’ll learn how to conduct market research, dial in your ideal client’s problems, paint points and language: and create content that speaks to your target audience. You’ll begin prospecting on social and direct outreach, so that you can qualify your leads and eventually convert them into paying clients.

  • Market research, ideal client problems and language

  • Content creation

  • Prospecting/Qualifying leads (Connecting to your ideal clients)

  • Social Selling- Creating sales workflow/database management/engaging ideal clients

  • Social Media Platform Growth Ads/Referrals/Organic social selling

ACTION ITEMS: Create content for platforms. Start social selling and qualifying leads.

Month 4

Sales + Marketing Bootcamp (Level 2)

Time to bring your offer to market and bring in the $$$! In Month 4, you will hone in on your copywriting and basic design skills. You will also get familiar with sales calls, objection handling and social selling through direct messages. This will set you up to create a killer sales page and get qualified consultation calls on the books. 


  • Generating and Booking Consultations- The one conversation close/database management

  • Handling Objections

  • Selling DM’s

  • Copywriting

  • Basic Design

  • Designing your Programing- Identifying methodology/packaging and pricing/one to one service delivery and group delivery

ACTION ITEMS: Writing and designing a program offer page. Booking 3+ sales calls.


Month 5

Service Delivery 

About halfway through the program is where we’ll begin focusing on servicing clients with excellence. We will cover client retention, getting referrals and asking for client testimonials. 


  • Creating your customer journey- Onboarding/90 day ramp up/Results tracking/Engagement and reselling

  • Client Service

  • Retaining clients

  • Generating and designing referrals selling system

  • Getting testimonials

  • Creating a self generating client growth system

ACTION ITEM: Client retention plan and customer journey.

Month 6

Growth Plan 

Once you start generating revenue, you want to think about hiring and expanding (and, getting in front of new audiences). Together, we’ll cover the basics on hiring your first team members, profit projections, forming strategic partnerships and leveraging strategic PR placements to gain more visibility for your business (think podcast guesting, IG live exchanges, and more!) 


  • Hiring your first team members- Design and build your dream team/Setting SOP’s for recruiting/Creating an onboarding plan for new employees

  • Leading, managing, and growing a winning team- Effective one on one/Team meetings/Cadence and team management/Creating accountability

  • Engineering your celebrity or company as an online brand- Podcasts/Joint exchanging/Call to action that converts

  • Setting up billing and financial systems- Collection process/Financial reporting

  • Profit Projections- Cash injection strategy

  • Building strategic partnerships

  • PR and visibility

  • Growth plan and Financial systems

ACTION ITEMS: Writing and designing a program offer page. Booking 3+ sales calls.

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Image by Jason Goodman

Month 7 - 8

Business Consulting and Mentorship

MONTHS 7 & 8: Live Business Consulting- Weekly meeting with advisor on strategic next steps with your live business.


Scalability of Your Business to SEVEN figures- Weekly Meeting with advisor on strategic next steps.