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Create the next

of entrepreneurs and

Sponsor our entrepreneurship curriculum to help the students in your community develop the skills required to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce.

What were the biggest contributing factors to your entrepreneurial success?

We’re betting they weren't the things you learned
in school.

If our students are going to find REAL success in the REAL world, they need to learn more than just the basics. But while most of what we need to succeed in our careers CAN be taught in the classroom… it isn’t. We’re on a mission to change that, and we need your help.


requires students to:

Fully understand themselves and their strengths

Learn effective communication skills and develop a high emotional intelligence

Look at solutions vs. problems

Use innovative thinking to arrive at a goal

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That’s what this 9-week curriculum is designed to do.

In this fully developed curriculum, we walk 6-8th graders through every step of the business planning process, helping them to better understand themselves, the numbers required for profitability, and how to effectively market and sell based on understanding human behavior.

Through pre-recorded videos, discussion plans, and engaging activities, students develop a winning business plan and entrepreneurial mindset.

By sponsoring

the L.E.A.P curriculum in your community, you are:

Helping to shape tomorrow’s generation of entrepreneurs and innovators

Helping students develop financial literacy, business awareness, and an entrepreneurial mindset

Introducing our students to the many different ways they can go about pursuing their goals

Taking an active role in building and creating change in your community

Disrupting the education system and teaching students that success means so much more than memorizing things from a textbook

Teaching students how to actually, practically, and tactically run their own business

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How it works:


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Set up the next generation for career success




Kelly Roach

An 8-figure CEO, running multiple businesses that she started from scratch.


Tori Ruis

A middle school principal with a EDd, who understands the ins and outs of what goes on inside a middle school classroom and the importance of low maintenance, high impact SEL curricula.

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